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Survive from alien invaders

Alien: Isolation is a premium survival game from Feral Interactive. In this adventure game inspired by the 1979 film Alien, you get to continue Ellen Ripley’s story through her daughter Amanda. As you try to solve the mystery of your mother’s disappearance, you have to fight and survive the same menace she did several years ago.

With its top-tier graphics and suspenseful gameplay mechanics, Alien: Isolation is a fitting successor to the 2019 mobile hit Alien: Blackout. If you’re looking for an alternative, Amnesia: True Subway Horror is a viable candidate.

Human vs Xenomorph

In the Alien film franchise, the main enemies are the Xenomorphs: primal, predatory creatures that roam the galaxy. The same creature will make your Alien: Isolation experience both thrilling and challenging. You’ll have to think out of the box as you crawl through ventilation shafts and hide in the small shadows. This makes for a creative gameplay experience, leaving you to explore and find which areas can help you survive.

Graphics-wise, the game delivers stunning visuals. Not only is everything in crisp video quality, but the design manages to capture both the breathtaking and the scary expanse of space as originally featured in the 1979 movie. However, this top-tier quality comes with equally challenging requirements–the latest OS plus 11GB of storage. Installing the game alone requires at least 22 GB to run smoothly.

It feels like every aspect of the game was designed to give players the best experience available. The alien evolves, which makes the game increasingly difficult. This, combined with the impressive music score, creates an immersive experience that could sometimes catch you unprepared. Lastly, it features all content as originally released for other systems, including one that lets you play Ellen Ripley’s final mission.

A must-have adventure

Alien: Isolation is a great mobile port of a classic game for PC. It comes with the best graphics available and employs environmental sound effects that both help you and make the game challenging as you progress. Lastly, it faithfully provides content consistent with the source material–making it a must-have for all Alien fans out there. The only catch, though, is that your device is better up for it.


  • Great graphics quality
  • Good use of sound and music
  • Faithful to the original Alien series
  • The game becomes increasingly challenging


  • Heavy system requirements

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